Max Scherzer Destroys the Hall of Stats Borderline

Nov 2, 2018 by Adam Darowski

The playoffs have finished, the Red Sox are champions for the fourth time this century, and now the Hall of Stats has been updated with the 2018 stats.

This year, we have just one active player who crossed over the 100 Hall Rating line. Max Scherzer didn’t just cross the line… he left it in his wake. The big righty used a 9.5 WAR/7.8 WAA season to bring his Hall Rating from 92 all the way up to 111.

This six-year run Scherzer is on is ridiculous. He’s gone a combined 107–40 (an average of 18–7 per season) with a 2.81 ERA (148 ERA+), 1,620 strikeouts to 315 walks (270 Ks and 52 walks per season), and 41.2 WAR. He’s even hitting .203 in that time, adding another 1.7 WAR to his value. He already has three Cy Young Awards. Could he add a fourth? Would that punch his ticket to Cooperstown?

A few more interesting gains:

Let me know if noticed anything else interesting with the new update.

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