Personal Hall of Fame, Part 2: Spending Time on the Borderline

Feb 16, 2013 by Adam Darowski

In Part 1 of this series, I started the process of building a Personal Hall of Fame.

The “personal Hall of Fame” is a simple concept—what would the Hall of Fame look like if you were able to start from scratch and populate it however you want?

One might think the Hall of Stats is my personal Hall. It’s close—but it’s not. There are players that the Hall of Stats removes that I don’t agree with. There are also several players in the Hall of Stats that I wouldn’t put in the Hall of Fame.

I was still on the fence about 16 players at the end of Part 1. I’m happy to say I’m ready to put eight of them in (while keeping the other eight on my “maybe” list). The players I’m adding are:

Of the 164 eligible players with a Hall Rating of 110 or better, I already added 156 to my Personal Hall. Here’s the breakdown by position so far:

I don’t feel that every position should be equally represented, but I like to see them in the same ballpark. That said, a position like center field will have a tough time catching up since it is a position players move away from with age. Likewise, first base is a position that players move to when older.

Today I’m going to focus on Hall of Famers and non-Hall of Famers with a Hall Rating under 110. I’ll take it position by position.


Hall of Famers

Non-Hall of Famers

And that adds 11 more pitchers to the Hall with 12 more to debate.


Hall of Famers

Non-Hall of Famers

I added just one more, but I have seven more for the Maybe list.


Hall of Famers

Non-Hall of Famers

There are two more Yeses here and 11 more Maybes.


Hall of Famers

Non-Hall of Famers

That’s five more for the yes list and 14 more to debate.

Updated Totals

We’re up to 175 Hall of Famers. I have a large “Maybe” list, however (53 players long).

Name Position Hall Rating Hall of Stats? Hall of Fame?
Clark Griffith p 114 Yes
Kevin Appier p 111 Yes
Babe Adams p 110 Yes
Eddie Cicotte p 108 Yes
Jim McCormick p 105 Yes
Early Wynn p 104 Yes Yes
Tommy John p 103 Yes
Tony Mullane p 103 Yes
Wilbur Wood p 102 Yes
Billy Pierce p 101 Yes
Nap Rucker p 100 Yes
Red Ruffing p 100 Yes Yes
Eppa Rixey p 99 Yes
Burleigh Grimes p 93 Yes
Rich Gossage p 89 Yes
Gene Tenace c 104 Yes
Charlie Bennett c 102 Yes
Thurman Munson c 101 Yes
Ernie Lombardi c 100 Yes
Wally Schang c 93
Roger Bresnahan c 93 Yes
Bill Freehan c 93
Jake Beckley 1b 108 Yes Yes
Bill Terry 1b 107 Yes Yes
Willie Randolph 2b 125 Yes
Billy Herman 2b 99 Yes
Bobby Doerr 2b 97 Yes
Bid McPhee 2b 96 Yes
Nellie Fox 2b 89 Yes
Darrell Evans 3b 106 Yes
Jimmy Collins 3b 100 Yes
John McGraw 3b 97
Joe Tinker ss 103 Yes Yes
Dave Bancroft ss 94 Yes
Sherry Magee lf 110 Yes
Jim O’Rourke lf 109 Yes Yes
Zack Wheat lf 108 Yes Yes
Bob Johnson lf 105 Yes
Joe Medwick lf 104 Yes Yes
Willie Stargell lf 104 Yes Yes
Joe Kelley lf 97 Yes
Pete Browning lf 92
Ralph Kiner lf 92 Yes
Jim Wynn cf 110 Yes
Paul Hines cf 98
Max Carey cf 95 Yes
Kirby Puckett cf 93 Yes
Sammy Sosa rf 116 Yes
Bobby Bonds rf 112 Yes
Enos Slaughter rf 92 Yes
Chuck Klein rf 86 Yes
Sam Thompson rf 85 Yes

Looks like I have my work cut out for me. Any advice?

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