New Feature: Upcoming Elections

Aug 5, 2016 by Adam Darowski

Yesterday, I released a new feature to the site: Upcoming Elections. This the first new feature added to the site since the introduction of the Hall of Consensus. It’s been a while! Felt good to dive into some code again.

Here’s how I explain it on the page:

With the recent changes to the Hall of Fame’s Era Committees, it can be difficult to know who is eligible for the Hall of Fame and when. I’ll do my best to clarify things for you. Please note that when a player played in multiple Eras, we’re grouping him in the Era in which he produced the highest Hall Rating. The red and green icons indidate whether or not the player is in the Hall of Stats (HOS), Hall of Merit (HOM), or my Personal Hall of Fame (AD). A gray icon means the player is not yet eligible.

The Upcoming Elections page features a list of all candidates eligible for every election (BBWAA and all the Era Committees) from today until 2027. I hope you find it useful!

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