Votto, Verlander, and Pedroia Surpass 100

Nov 1, 2017 by Adam Darowski

When I updated the site at the end of the 2016, I found that a personal favorite of mine—Dustin Pedroia—was stuck with a 99.9 Hall Rating. While that was disappointing, I felt confident that Pedroia would cross the 100 threshold in 2017. And that he did, bringing his Hall Rating up to 101 with a 1.5 WAR season.

Some players tiptoe over that 100 threshold like Pedroia. Others, like Joey Votto and Justin Verlander, catapult over it.

Votto’s 2017 season was among his very best. His .320/.454/.578 slash line (aided by a league-leading 134 walks) translated to a 168 OPS+ (tops in the league). He crushed 36 homers (one short of his career high) and (hopefully?) silenced the haters by driving in 100 runs for the first time since 2011. The 7.5 WAR/5.4 WAA season brought his Hall Rating way up to 113.

From 2013 to 2015, it looked like Justin Verlander’s prime might be coming to an end. A combination of weak records (13–12 in 2013 and 5–8 in 2015) and higher-than-usual ERAs (4.54 in 2014) didn’t look promising. However, he still totaled 7.9 WAR across those three years. He has followed that slight dip with a pair of 4.5 WAR seasons, bringing his Hall Rating up to 111th. That’s 62nd among pitchers and another solid season away from the Top 50.

Let’s check on the progress of some active players already over 100…

Who’s knocking on the Hall of Stats’ door at this point?

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