Updated for 2022, Our 10th Anniversary

Nov 13, 2022 by Adam Darowski

We’ve updated for 2022! This table has all active players with a 100+ Hall Rating including a few others I added that were of interest.

Player End 2021 End 2022 Change
Albert Pujols 210 214 +4
Mike Trout 170 183 +13
Clayton Kershaw 154 162 +8
Justin Verlander 145 157 +12
Max Scherzer 143 153 +10
Zack Greinke 142 149 +7
Robinson Cano 135 133 -2
Miguel Cabrera 133 132 -1
Joey Votto 130 130 0
Mookie Betts 110 124 +14
Paul Goldschmidt 102 119 +17
Evan Longoria 107 108 +1
Nolan Arenado 90 107 +17
Manny Machado 90 104 +14
Jacob deGrom 96 96 0
Freddie Freeman 82 94 +12
Jose Altuve 78 88 +10
Carlos Correa 73 84 +11
Aaron Judge 57 82 +25
Shohei Ohtani 30 50 +20

Nolan Arenado and Manny Machado both passed the 100 Hall Rating threshold. This is amazing to me because when I was originally building the site, Machado was a 19-year old callup and Arenado was still in the minor leagues.

The Hall of Stats turned ten years old this week. I truly appreciate all the support you all have given me over the last decade. This little passion project has lasted quite a while and I still think it serves a purpose in Hall of Fame discussions.

Over the last ten years, my attitude towards the Hall of Fame’s population has certainly evolved. When I built the site, a part of me really did want to advocate for replacing some Hall of Famers with more modern players. I’m glad my thinking has evolved. Sure there are some questionable Hall of Famers, but most of those without a 100+ Hall Rating have an important story. I try to use the Hall of Stats today to identify players who flew under the radar statistically rather than trying to identify where the Hall of Fame may have made a questionable decision. I advocate for an inclusive Hall that welcomes these players that clearly meet the standard (while also celebrating those in the Hall, no matter their Hall Rating).

Thanks again for reading. I appreciate it!

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