High Hall Ratings with Multiple Franchises

Mar 13, 2013 by Adam Darowski

Now that we show franchise contributions on each player page, I’ve noticed a couple players who actually had multiple Hall-worthy careers (Hall Rating > 100) with different franchises. Today, let’s look a those players as well as some others who had large contributions with multiple teams.

100 Hall Rating with Multiple Teams

Four players reached a Hall Rating of 100 with more than one team.

50 Hall Rating with Multiple Teams

Only one player in history has earned a 50 Hall Rating with three different franchises: Alex Rodriguez. He has been worth the most in New York with a 104 Hall Rating. In Seattle, he had a Hall Rating of 83 while he had a 55 Hall Rating in Texas. 31 players have earned a 50 Hall Rating or better with two teams.

25 Hall Rating with Multiple Teams

Roger Clemens had a 172 Hall Rating with the Boston Red Sox, but he also managed to post a Hall Rating of 37 or better with three other teams. He is the only player in history with a 25 Hall Rating with the four different franchises. He had a 45 Hall Rating in Toronto (in just two seasons), a 38 in New York, and a 37 in Houston. The following players had a 25 Hall Rating (or better) with three teams:

Going Further

Six players managed a Hall Rating of 10 or better with five clubs:

Rather impressively, one player managed a Hall Rating of 5 or better with seven different franchises. That, of course, was my beloved, precious Deacon White.

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