Alan Trammell is a Hall of Famer

Dec 11, 2017 by Adam Darowski

A couple hours ago, Hall of Stats inductee Alan Trammell was finally selected for induction into the Hall of Fame. He is joined by his long-time teammate and sabermetric lightning rod Jack Morris. While I don’t think Morris quite meets the Hall of Fame standard, this is an election result I’ll gladly accept. It’s a better Hall of Fame with both Trammell and Morris than with neither.

Another Hall of Stats member, Ted Simmons, finished a single vote shy. While that’s disappointing, hopefully it bodes well for his induction in 2020.

Because Trammell was already in the Hall of Stats and Morris doesn’t meet the standard, the Hall of Stats was able to welcome two new members.

Minnie Miñoso: Photo Credit

It’s a shame that Marvin Miller didn’t make it, but I wasn’t expecting his induction. Since he passed away, his family has said that they would essentially boycott a posthumous induction. I’m sure the Hall doesn’t want that headache. If they wouldn’t induct him when alive, why would they induct him against his family’s wishes?

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